Clear Tents

40x80 frame Frame Tent in Door County

Clear tents are perfect for getting the best of both worlds…the feel of being inside and the feel of being outside. You gain a beautiful view of the moon and stars in the evening, along with being able to enjoy the sunlight and landscape scenery during the day. These tents are perfect for the spring and fall seasons! Please inquire about pricing and details for clear tent rentals.

All Elite tents are manufactured by American Tent, right here in Green Bay, WI – which means that our tents are the newest in the area and made in the U.S.A!

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Clear Tent Sizes

20×40 30×30 30×45 30×60 30×75 30×90



Grade A – Clear Tents

We buy brand new, clear tents at the beginning of every season. Due to the higher cost to purchase, these tents do rent out at a higher cost than our white tents. Please contact us for pricing on clear tents.

Delivery charges

Delivery charge in Green Bay (10 mile radius) is $50.
Any area outside Green Bay will be assessed an additional delivery charge based on mileage (please inquire)
Weekend setup/delivery fee applies


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