Practical Uses for Layout Designs

In wrapping up our Design Layout series, we wanted to provide useful reasons why we so strongly endorse the use of Social Tables to see your event unfold!

Besides the practical use of spacial placement – layout designs can be helpful for so many other reasons.  The 2-D and 3-D renderings that Social Tables provides are instrumental in event planning from beginning to end.  Below are just a few of the most popular reasons clients love the use  of our layout designs:

1) Seating Chart Assignments

2) Vendor Setup Instructions — vendors are able to more easily know where placement of items go which eliminates headaches and last minute changes

3)  Service Guide — provides a guide for your service staff in delivering plated dishes and specialized service to VIP guests

4) Vendor Input and Management — allows all vendors to see the vision of the event and to provide input prior to the day-of set up

5)  Increases clear communication among all parties which increases efficiency — the layout is available and therefor everyone is on the same page, limiting questions and instructions

6)  Helps justify budget – once you can visually see where your money is going, it puts every purchase in to perspective

The list could be endless but one thing is for sure — Social Tables provides a better guest experience and eliminates the headaches that so many brides and event planners share.  We can promise you won’t regret seeing your event rendered!