For the second installment in our Social Tables series, we will take the 2-D layout images and transform them into 3-D. Having a 3-D image allows you to visualize what the event will truly look like upon entering the tent.  Often we find that this is when revisions are made as seeing space in 3-D form is much different than viewing tables on paper.  The best part is that it’s not too late at this point in the planning to make these revisions.  With Elite Tent Rentals, you have up until 10 days prior to your event to add or subtract from your order as well as to change your tent needs!  Keep in mind, that we need to have the inventory to accommodate these requests but the use of Social Tables catches these changes much sooner in the process. The images below show a true depiction of the layouts that we previously made for a 100 guest, sit-down event.  The 3-D renderings feature a tent over a round table layout as well as a layout with 8-foot banquet tables.

Our software allows you to do walk-throughs of the event and viewings from all angles of the room.

In our final blog in the series, we will talk about the next steps and how brides and event coordinators can maximize the layout through Social Tables for more than just visual spacing.


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