One of the amazing advantages of using Elite Tent Rentals for your event is the ability to see your event layout before the day of the event. We are proud to be able to offer a service that allows you to look at your vision as it unfolds. Through the use of Social Tables, we are able to put together a floor plan that can be emailed to you directly and is editable throughout the planning process.

The first step in the layout process is gathering information about the day.  I like to refer to it as your “wish list”.  This information includes how many guests you plan on inviting, what kind of tables you have them seated at, what other items you envision having under the tent and the aesthetic that you want to achieve that day.  Based on that information, we begin to render a layout that fits these wishes.

As an example, for an event hosting 100 guests plus a dance floor, DJ and a bar area – a simple layout has been put together showing both the use of banquet tables vs round tables.  This layout allows you to conceptualize the day and how it will flow under the tent from an aerial view.   The template is only a starting point.  Changes and revisions can be made easily to enhance your vision of the day.

Having a snapshot of the layout is not only great for visualizing your use of space — this snapshot can also be a guide for wedding coordinators, servers, vendor setup instructions and even seating charts.

In our next blog post, we’ll be discussing the next step in the rendering process.  Taking the 2-D image – adding a tent – and viewing it as a 3-D image.


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