When planning your outdoor event needing a tent is a given, but what type of tent is the best option for your vision to match the end product?  Do not have a clear vision in mind yet?  Let’s start with some general questions to help get to that point.

  1.  What type of event are you planning?  If it’s a wedding, is it for the ceremony, reception, or both?
  2. What type of ground will the tent being going on?  (Grass, sand, asphalt, blacktop, etc.)
  3. Other than guests, what would you like under the tent?  This would be anything from tables and chairs to a stage with a band.  Remember to be specific and list out everything you envision.  This list doesn’t have to be concrete but everything under the tent requires space and planning for these items is important to making sure the size and style is the right fit.

Next let’s discuss the basic differences between our two styles of tents.

Classic tent look and feel No Center poles
Center Poles located in the middle providing the structured tent peak(s) Aluminum Framework in the ceiling of the tent provides structure and support
No Tent liner needed Flexibility to go on any type of ground
Lower rental costs Can be weighted down instead of staked
Shorter set up and take down time Easier for planning the tent layout and flow
Most popular for use on grass or other areas where we can stake

Both type of tents must be anchored to be safely installed – however if staking isn’t an option, you would want to select a frame tent.

There isn’t always are a right or wrong tent option, sometimes basic personal preference is the biggest deciding factor and we are here to help with that.  The best thing you can do is ask questions and do not be afraid to be specific with your event vision.  A tent, whether Pole or Frame, is really a blank canvas to make your own and our experience can turn your vision into something your guest will not forget.


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